A Great Start for Children of Mars

Hi all,

Children of Mars small cover dec2014well, it’s now been three days since the official launch of my new novel, Children of Mars. I am very happy to report that I have sold ten copies on Amazon alone. I have received my first review and this morning I discovered five of my books are in the top 100 list on Author’s Den. On Amazon I got to the top fifty thousand on the author list and better then the top five thousand for Science Fiction. These numbers don’t sound so impressive until you realise there are now more then sixty million books listed on Amazon. I am hoping to keep the momentum going so if you are considering buying a book, it will seriously help boost my profile as an author if you do so sooner, rather than later. I noted on Goodreads how many people have listed the book “to read” and was astonished to see they number in the hundreds. This was helped enormously by the promotions I am running. Why not look me up on goodreads and say hi.

Thanks again to those who bought my book already. An author is only as good as the readers who like his or her books.

Paul G Day



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