Official Launch Of “Children of Mars”

Hi friends and visitors,

(Update note Dec 16: It has taken longer than expected for Createspace and Smashwords to update changes made just prior to launch. This process normally takes no longer than 12 hours, but have only just been done, only to discover that hidden formatting has halted the process and I had to do it again. Please be patient everyone. Thank you)

Children of Mars small cover dec2014At last the hour is almost here. I am just finalizing last minute changes to the book, but in a few hours time it will be ready. I am uploading the revised books to Smashwords, Amazon Kindle and Print. Once uploaded, the revised books will be ready in approximately 2 to 4 hours for download. You can purchase the eBook versions and they will automatically update once the revised versions are ready. Sometimes this process is pretty instant and other times it takes a few hours so please be patient. The print version is retailing at $9.90. At 240 pages (slightly larger than normal font for the vision impaired) it’s a well paced read with plenty in their to satisfy lovers of the science fiction genre, whilst being quick enough to read that even novices should not have trouble digesting the book (Note: Please don’t eat it. lol ). The book also retails as an eBook for $1.90 on Smashwords and $3.99 on Kindle (prices sometimes vary).

I hope you really enjoy reading this terrific sci-fi/adventure/survival drama as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, great care has been taken to produce a quality book, but please let me know if there is anything you spot which is glaringly obvious which needs to be fixed.


Paul G Day

Children of Mars full cover



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