Once Every Thousand Years

New Blurb for the original Black Fairy

(Watch the video below with the beautiful voice of Amy)

Black Fairy and the Dragonfly WordPress

Once every thousand years, in the kingdom of fairies, a creature quite unlike any other is born. And with her birth comes fear. For she is the rarest creature born among fairies, with skin as black as night and hair as white as snow. Seen as an evil omen, she is doomed from the very moment she is born and cast aside to live on the fringes of the kingdom, where she must fend for herself, shunned, abandoned, alone. It is here, among the creatures of the forests and swamps, Lilly forms a friendship with a dragonfly. She is happy for a while until she learns the fairies have all mysteriously vanished and despite being cast out, she nevertheless feels compelled to find them. Driven by strange dreams and visions, Lilly will discover the world beyond her home is more magnificent, more terrible and far more beautiful than she could have imagined. So begins an incredible adventure, a fairy tale like no other.

Escape From The Dark Queen wordpressThis is a story so unusual, so unique, that it almost defies its genre and challenges the reader to think differently about fairy tales. The world the reader is presented with is a wondrous, dangerous and beautiful place. Lilly’s journey will take her from the fringes of the fairy kingdom, to the hills of dancing fire, all the way to the mystical mountains and deep into the hidden underworld. She will meet Queens and Lords and be confronted with a terrible evil, which seeks to tear her world apart. But Lilly’s differences are less to do with her color and more to do with the magic contained in the deepest part of her soul. A magic so powerful that if it were revealed, even the Dark Queen Eglartharious herself may tremble at the sight of it.




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