Orb Dreamweaver Web

The Orb Dreamweaver’s Web

(From upcoming title, “Mantarin: Queen of Insects”)

Mantarin queen of insects cover with borderIn the Web Trees of Sereth Ebon a rare spider spins her daily web on the eve of the setting sun. She spins it carefully, though she spins it quick to catch the dreams of sleeping moths and bugs and anything else that flies. She stings them with her perfumed sent, intoxicating, delightful and dangerous. They go to sleep and dream forever. For they will never waken again.

It is on one such sunset eve, that from her web, an Orb Weaver spotted something quite peculiar flying towards her web. She ejected a small cloud of sent and waited to catch her prize, to catch another dream. A familiar sound filled the air around her, an incessant buzzing, but before she realized what it was, it was too late. The hornet struck her from behind, sticking its stinger deep into the back of her head. Then she fell asleep to dream forever in her own Orb Dreamweaver’s web.



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