On The Dark Side of Lonely

On The Dark Side of Lonely

Paul G Day


On the other Side of Lonely

A simple walk to nowhere,

Brings a memory of your smile.

As I stumble into darkness,

Losing time for another mile.


Your tenderness is in the trees,

As the leaves whisper your name.

Your eyes are in the faceless clouds,

But they don’t feel my pain.


The birds sing as they always do,

Songs both beautiful and rare.

Their oft’ repeated melody,

Is all that remains of tenderness,

In the sounds, we both, once shared.


Your kindness echoes in the flowers,

Of the fields around our home.

The garden that we planted here,

Now full and overgrown.


The day gives way to evening,

Where darkness brings the night.

The birds fall quiet in their retreat,

As frost steals all remaining warmth,

With its cold indifferent bite.


Your voice fades in the midnight air,

As I wander aimless beside our lake.

And with it fades all hope of love,

Provoking darker thoughts, of late.


On the dark side of lonely,

Pictures, vague fill memory’s frame.

Like a faded postcard of our love,

Signed with the ink of your own hand,

Time steals the image of your name.


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