Introducing Banjo & Angel

Hi folks, readers, fans and visitors,

Let me introduce my latest children’s book, Banjo & Angel. This book has taken me longer than expected. I actually started putting together the images a while back and only just finished the story. This is aimed at children who want to read their first novel. It’s part picture book, part short novel, broken up into short half page chapters, with supporting pictures with dialogue clouds embedded in them. Confident readers aged 6 to 8 can read this easily, whilst parents will need to read it to younger or not so confident readers. It has an uneven rhyming scheme designed to read kind of like a narrative, whilst losing none of the rhyme and flow. I hope you enjoy this and find a family member or friend to give it to for Christmas. It is in digital form only at present. I hope to have it up in print by week’s end. Inspiration for this came from an acquaintance of mine, Jodi Desautels.

banjo and angel revised cover smash



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