Imagine I Am Famous…Or Not

all books by P G dayImagine for a moment that I am not just another author. Imagine instead that I am already well known, that my books are appreciated by millions. I might have appeared on your TV screen today, having been interviewed by a famous journalist, or book critic. They might say that they enjoyed my latest book, that their children did too. They might very well heap praise on me for originality, for sticking to my unique style and not wavering, not giving in to the demands of a market already saturated and overflowing with vampire books.

On the other hand, I might be the laughing stock of publishers everywhere, seen as a deluded indie author who thinks too highly of himself and has an unrealistic view of his own worth. They might hold my book up and wave it around as an example of how not to write, of what not to write about. They might even—dare I say it—insult me personally. I might check my twitter account or my Facebook page, or for that matter my book trailers on my YouTube Channel, only to find abusive messages telling me to “go die in a hole” or “give up while I’m failing” or worse.

Then again, I will never know. Not until I step out onto the plank, close my eyes, push one foot forward and leap out into my destiny, my fate. And you’ll never know either if you don’t take the time to settle down to a good old fashioned romp of an adventure. So, what are we waiting for? I want to find out what you really think and you want to see if it was worth the trouble investing in an unknown. Let history decide if I am any good, let the world see if my words stack up. Let your heart decide if my books are worth the paper they are written on.

You might well enjoy reading an original a science fiction story about nine desperate children who find themselves alone on a Martian base, or a girl who grows up to discover she is the last remaining human, or even a simple little fairy who discovers the world outside is larger, more exotic, more dangerous and more magical than she could have ever dreamed. You may revel in the mystery of an abandoned mine and the treasures buried there, let alone the supernatural presence that exists deep inside the bowels of the mines. You may have children who could learn a lesson or two from a hapless innocent bear who finds he can do extraordinary things, or a little chicken who runs away from the farm to discover herself.

Whatever your age, or the age of your children, or their reading ability for that matter, I have a book to suit everyone. 76 reviews on Amazon, with an average of four and a half out of five cannot be wrong. And it is clear from reading them adults enjoy my books every bit as much as children.

I might be famous one day. You might well own one of my books. You will either say, “I was one of the first to buy one of his books.” Or, you might say, “Can you believe I wasted my money on this crap?” Either way, at least you took that chance. So go on…*gulp*


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