Mantarin Queen of Insects Prologue

Below is the prologue for Mantarin Queen of Insects. See more details here and a character and settings list (fascinating I assure you).


Prologue: The world of Canopia

Mantarin queen of insects cover with borderBeneath the shielding canopy of tall trees, whose branches are often surrounded by the mists of the heavens, their lives all manner of creatures; Little furry animals, reptiles of all kinds, creatures that live in the muddy swamps and others that bury themselves deep in the ground. Creatures that swim and creatures that fly, rare creatures of all the colors of the rainbow, as diverse as the flowers in the fields. It is a world of wonder, a world undiscovered by the feet of larger creatures, that stomp and run and ruin the land. Neither has it been found by those who sail fantastic ships, who walk as hairless apes. For them it remains, for now, a secret.

Yet the world of Canopia is not without its problems. Governed as it is by a single creature, the majestic, the beautiful Mantarin, who was crowned Queen an age ago and has remained steadfast in her rule ever since.

But Mantarin has her enemies.

One such creature is Wasprey and she has been plotting in secret, eager to wrest the kingdom for herself, but not without the help of others she has cast under her spell. The Centipedes, the spiders, the wasps and the scorpions have all declared their loyalty under pain of death of course.

It is in this world that a little creature was born, hatching from her egg, into the sunlight streaming down from between the leaves in the canopy high above. She wriggled out of her egg, squeezing her tiny head out of a hole in the shell. Then she popped out onto a large leaf glowing with the radiance of the sun.

A shadow appeared above her, then a large face with huge yellow eyes. The little creature stared up at her mother and blinked away the last remaining sticky fluid from her small eyes. Her mother cocked her head first this way and then the other. Then she carefully stretched out her claws and gently grasped the infant.

“Do you know who you are?” said her mother, not really expecting an answer. The little creature only let out a squeaking sound and then blinked again. “You, my child are my only heir and one day you will rule in my stead.”

The little creature would grow, in time, and she would become the promise of all the kingdoms of all the lands of Canopia. Until then, she would be raised by the Queen’s council and taught the ways of the kingdom.


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