In a Parallel World

In a parallel world I am not Paul,

I am not the man I am at all.

I am a King, I rule the court,

And the army who for me have fought.


In another place I am not me,

I’m more than who I appear to be.

I rule the land with an iron sword.

My name they herald as a Lord.


In another time, another place,

I serve a different human race.

They bow to me, my word they heed,

There is no lying, no death, no greed.


On another Earth, a different world,

I command the seas where oceans swirled.

I own the ships they bought for me,

As I explore the treacherous sea.


In a universe so unlike our own,

As King I call the gardens home.

I tend to them, they hear me call.

For I am not me, I am not Paul.


In a parallel world they know my name,

They call me King, for I’m not the same.

They worship me as if I’m a god,

They bow down low, beneath my rod.


In another reality, I stand supreme,

As ruler of the world unseen.

For I’m not the man you see at all,

In a parallel world, I am not Paul.


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