My Next Projects

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileNow having written Children of Mars, what’s next for this little Brave Bear? Well, I’m glad you asked. I just so happen to have, right in front of me, the beginnings of my next junior novel, Rocket to the Moon. Those of you who are Jules Verne fans may be familiar with the old movie of the same name. Well, in this book, I take the concept of the dream of making a rocket and apply it to a small eleven year old who is just brilliant enough to put such a dream into action. But this small, geeky kid, whose life at home is hell and at school even worse, befriends the new girl and together they begin a friendship which sees them aiming for the stars. Take a look at the cover design below. I will begin writing this properly while I also edit Children of Mars

rocket to the moon


While I’m at it, below is a collection of covers for some more books I will be releasing after Christmas. Whilst I have already published book 1 of the Star Child Series, books 2 & 3 have not been written, but I am planning to write them some time next year.
Three Star Child books


Porcelain is a psychological mystery thriller which centers around a young woman’s obsession with porcelain dolls and the extent she will go to protect her collection. When a group of delinquent youths break in and vandalize her collection, a series of strange unexplained deaths occur as one by one the delinquents are murdered. This is aimed at readers aged 15 and older.



The Four Protocols was originally a short story, but I am planning on releasing the novel version of the story as I believe there is enough substance to justify a good AI Thriller.



After writing the Black Fairy series, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing, I wanted to write another one which centers around the Kingdom of Winged Creatures. Mantaris is the beautiful Queen of Insects. She has ruled for generations, but as the time of her rule approaches, choosing a successor will not be an easy one. For Wasprey, Queen of Stingers has been waiting, biding her time, eager to wrest the kingdom for the peaceful winged creatures. And she will stop at nothing to prevent all challengers from receiving their crown.



2 thoughts on “My Next Projects

    • Thanks Janice. I don’t know why I do half the things I do so I cannot even begin to explain when I do it. I had to start again. I’t a problem I’m working on. Embarrassing to say the least. I’m my own worst enemy. lol Thanks Janice for being patient. 😀


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