New Cover Completed

Hi all,

Another update here. I have just finished and submitted the brand new cover design as it will appear in the print version of Children of Mars. Below is the new cover. Over the coming few days I will be editing and proof reading the book ahead of the full launch of the book. In the meantime, please visit my Smash words page to download a FREE advanced copy (still in revision) to get an early look at the full story. The print version is 240 pages long but I have used large print for readers who struggle to see the finer print. The novel is just under 51,000 words in length, but is fairly easy to read and should not be too much of a challenge for readers from age 14 upwards. I guarantee adults will enjoy the story as much or more than younger readers and there is plenty of meat in this sandwich. I got so emotional writing it at one point that my wife walked in on me crying as I wrote one devastating section and she thought something had happened. I’m such a sook like that. lol.

Children of Mars full cover


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