Novel Excerpt 1

Here, for your reading pleasure, is an excerpt from Children of Mars chapter 17: Martian Storm

Children of Mars wordpress


Chapter 17: Martian Storm

(in part)

It’s easy to forget that deep down where the careless indifference of a merciless world can’t reach, sits the small boy a man had once been. Insecure, fearful, worried about everything. As a person grows, whether man or woman, they surround the small child within in a shell of protective layers, not allowing the dangers around them to impact on the insecurities of their childhood fears. But sometimes the shell cracks, at rarer times it collapses completely. Here was a man used to dealing with difficult situations; slow to act, deliberate, precise, ever the scientist and a great commander. Yet he had been crushed. Not by a terrible event or the horrors of war, nor a sudden accident. Not even the loss of his friends was enough to bring him down. But a child had. Not just any child either, but the very child he once cradled in his arms. A child he so dearly loved.



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