Vanuatu Children with My Books

I did not expect to see this on FB today. My books in the hands of Vanuatu young people. Wow! I don’t know what to say. Ecstatic would be one word. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for these wonderful children to experience culture and literature outside of what they would normally be exposed to. My wife had organised two bags of donations of clothing on behalf of generous Australians to be picked up and distributed by our driver in Port Vila once our cruise docked. I included 20 of my books as part of the donation for middle school, which I personally signed. Two picture books were also donated to the kindergarten. But I was surprised when Marcel Sablan (the man who runs the taxis we hired) distributed the books personally and then took photos, which he posted all over facebook. A wonderful surprise to be sure.

Brave Bear Channel Update

Hi folks,

Herbert the HermitJust a quick update to tell you that I have new videos on Brave Bear’s Youtube Channel. First up it’s the brand new “Bully Me” trailer. Then there’s the adorable “Herbert The Hermit” trailer, as well as heaps of others not necessarily book related. See below for a snap shot of some of the 120 videos I produced and don’t forget to watch my latest book trailers below.

Cheers all,

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Bully Me Trailer

bully me 2 books

What do you do when it seems like all your life people see you as an easy target? They will shame you, mock you, belittle and lie about you. They will do anything and everything to destroy you. This is a biographical fantasy novel drawing attention to the relentless and appalling behavior of seven individuals whose malicious and callous behavior almost ruined the individual. This story takes place over two books, the first of which is written for young people. The second book pics up where the first ends with a focus more on adults. These books will astound you as they follow a life lived in constant fear of what comes next, set against the backdrop of hopelessness and anxiety, as the subject of the story is pursued by two competing unseen forces attempting to pull him in opposite directions. The result is ultimately a story of courage and hope in the face of desperate loneliness and isolation.

#Authors – New Affordable 3D Book Promo Displays Service Available…

I don’t normally re-blog things, but for Chris I’m making an exception. See his wonderful work and be confident you are in good hands with the mighty Ape.🙂

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Frustrated or bored with the limited 3D options available to display your books and wish you had more variety or say in them?

In addition to affordable Book Cover Designs and Book Promo Trailers, I can now offer affordable pre-made or custom-made 3D Book Promo Displays.

After you have approved the low resolution, watermarked JPG I send and you’ve paid the agreed sum into my PayPal account, I will send you one 600 pixel x applicable length pixel PNG (with Transparent Background) and one JPG (with visible background to a colour you specify).

Just send me the high resolution JPG / PNG format image of your Paperback Cover(s) to be displayed and tell me which option(s) you’d like, or describe the configuration(s) you’d like.

tsrabookcovers (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Subject: 3D BOOKS.

Here are a few of half-size examples I’ve made so far to form a sort…

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Hi friends, fans, followers and visitors,

PirateadventureI have for all of you six amazing videos, four of which are tutorials on how to create stunning, classy covers for your books. These tutorials were created purely for other authors to learn from. They are the culmination of four years of personal experience in getting the most out of PowerPoint to create quality, professional covers. Anyone can do this, provided you invest some time in learning the tricks of this wonderful program. I hope you enjoy the tutorials and please make time to look at some of the 115 other videos on my YouTube Channel while you’re at it. Also of note are the four FREE audio books on the channel, live and exclusive to Brave Bear Books.

Why Do I Do It?

It’s a question I pause to ask myself from time to time. When I check, as I do every day, sales of my books, my stats, how many people visited my blog, who’s watching my channel, how many weeks since my last review went up, I ask why? Why keep going? Why do I put myself under so much pressure? Why do I even write? Why do I do it?

A normal person might answer this question quite differently. But then, a normal person might not even ask why in the first place. They would simply give up and stop trying. I’m not a normal person. Anyone who knows me well enough understands this. I’m not normal in the way I act, the things I say, the way I interact and I’m certainly not normal online.

So why do I do this? Why do I keep going even when all the evidence points to failure? Even when I have given up it has never been for very long. I might go away for a while, I have even been known to throw everything out, delete everything (well almost), only to return later, much later in some cases, strangely re-energised, rejuvenated, like my long drained battery has been recharged.

I do this because I can. I do it because I believe it is what I was called to do. I do it because I have stories to tell. Not just random stories, contrived, concocted and forced, tailored to suit a ready audience, but stories from deep within, from a place I return to in my youth, from emotions I experienced and still experience on an almost daily basis. I do this to fill a vacuum left by the relentless mental anguish caused by the abuse of those around me. I do this because the essential narrative of each story is greater than the sum of all my books. I do this because I feel a great and powerful need to put myself out there, to push the internal monologue of the child within into the collective conscience of the world of readers. I do this not out of some misguided sense of self indulgent and ultimately empty desire, but because my story is far more important than anything else I could do or say. I do this because I have to do it.

And so I do it, again and again, through the emptiness of a hollow reaction, through the pain of disapproval, through the disinterest, through the bad reviews and through the lack of appreciation for my craft. That’s not to say there hasn’t been anyone who loves my books. There have been a few. Even fewer still come back for more. I am indebted to them, all of them. Those who take the time to write a thoughtful response are worth more to me than ten bad reviews. They are what help keep me motivated. But they alone are not why I write.

It has been said often that everyone has a story to tell and whilst that may be true in essence, it does not mean everyone has a story that must be told. Not all.

But me? I have a story. It’s as profound and meaningful to me as a passage of scripture is to a Priest. It has more meaning for me personally than any worldly success. The story began the first day I was able to speak to my own heart. I remember times even when I was very young, the pain of rejection, the feeling of isolation, the constant need for approval, the desire, oh the simple desire to be accepted for who I was (am).

It has been a life long struggle and continues to this day. My wife, my family and those closest to me know only too well what I am talking about. But even they might be shocked at the depths my despair can reach. Thankfully in my case that despair isn’t so overwhelming as to be unbearable for too long. But writing? You can take any pill humans could invent. You could sit me in front of the most gifted psychologist on the planet. And they would not hold a candle to my writing. It is, for me, the single greatest medicine I could ever take.

My writing takes me into dark places I would normally not wish to go. But during the process of writing, when I unleash all my imagined powers through the characters in my stories, has a tremendously therapeutic effect. It quantifies and qualifies my thoughts, orders them into some logical pattern, places them at the heart of the problems and helps me solve the greatest riddle of my life, my own mind.

Every time I release a new publication, I am taking medicine. Each time someone says something wonderful about them, it results in healing. Not a permanent healing, but an elixir that certainly has a healing effect.

And so I write, as often as the inspiration comes. I write myself into the books, into the very breath every character takes, into the way they walk and talk and into the way they are perceived by others. Take a good hard look at my books and you will see this pattern emerging; of a lost and lonely little boy, completely misunderstood, poorly received, harshly judged and too often ignored. Someone once said, “show me the boy at three and I will show you the man.” But I say, see the man, and you will find the young boy, buried deep within, exposed only when he is upset, challenged, trodden upon, mistreated, embattled or bruised.

Why do I write? I think I answered that question. What do my stories have to offer you? I’m afraid that’s a question only you can answer and only if and when you read my work. But if you are anything like me, you will, whether man or woman, boy or girl, see reflected in my stories, as a mirror reflects a face, your own life indelibly stamped upon the pages as if I have known you intimately for your entire life.


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